Modern Day Discrimination in My Home Town


Decided to head off early to Wembley ahead of the FA Cup semi to enjoy a nice stroll in to town then on to the pub for a decent pint in a pub I really appreciate and where I’ve enjoyed many good pints previously.

On this occasion a couple of fellas on the door decide my appearance was not fitting for the Bootlegger in High Wycombe, who’s policy makers also own The Sausage Tree, a good stones throw away; “no football fans, rugby fans welcomed, but no football fans” he reaffirmed stepping across my pathway in to the pub.

I’d always known the Bootlegger was pro rugby, what I hadn’t realised until now though, was how incredibly anti football they seemed (the national game), which feels such a shame, but it also came across as a form of discrimination – something I never expected to experience in my home town, especially at a location I’ve been too on many occasions and proudly promoted to many, many times.

If I was part of noisy posse donned in colours I could understand and sympathise with the Bootleggers policy, but the fact I was on my own over five hours from kick-off with no outstanding features to suggest my allegiance to football leaves a sense of discrimination I couldn’t help liken to a very lesser extent, to the apartheid regime; “No Fans of Football allowed”.

An extreme comparison granted, but the decision to refuse me entry at the door didn’t even welcome the idea of a sensible discussion or common sense decision. The message unsaid was clear “feck off or we’ll make you feck off!”

Considering my previous loyal custom to The Bootlegger and Sausage Tree, this experience left me feeling very disappointed with the sense of conclusion that The Bootlegger nor the Sausage Tree’s policy had never really welcomed me, albeit happy to haven take a healty share of my money previously (and on more than one occasion the value was in the high hundreds for organised and enjoyable events)

Or maybe my disappointment has knocked my perspective a degree, maybe it was just a simple case of simple people (fronting the door) acting irresponsibly on power trips, due to the capacity of misplacing their given responsibility?

Even way, I’m a little wiser from the experience and I’m no longer a fan nor a proud promoter of the Bootlegger or The Sausage Tree in High Wycombe; in fact quite the opposite.